Chinese Swords

Chinese Swords

Chinese War SwordChinese Swords have a long history. Bronze swords have been traced back to the bronze daggers of the Shang dynasty. Bronze long swords suddenly appeared during the mid-third century BC. Later swords were made of iron or steel. These metals were wrought. Swords commonly reached a length of 70–100 cm, although longer swords have been found. 

There are two major distinctions in chinese swords: the dao sword and the jian sword. The Chinese dao swords were created during China's Bronze Age and have several distinct characteristics. They usually have a slightly curved single-edged blade and were perfect for thrusting and slicing during conflict. The second important Chinese sword is the jian sword. Unlike the dao, which is known as the "General of All Weapons," the jian is known as the "Gentleman of All Weapons" because it is a very simple double-edged sword. The Chinese Broadsword, or Dao, is a weapon, which historically saw use most often as the hand weapon of military soldiers. A single-edged blade with distinctive curve, it was wielded in an aggressive, energetic fashion and modern broadsword forms reflect this tradition. Known as the “General of all Weapons”, the Broadsword is included with the Staff, the Spear, and the Straight Sword as one of the four basic weapons of northern styles.

The Straight Sword, known as the “Gentlemen of Weapons”, was favored by scholars, generals and nobles. Sophisticated and sublime, the Straight Sword is often the weapon of choice for the old masters. The Straight Sword, or Jian, is a slender, double-edged blade and its forms display quickness, precision, and grace of a sort different from but no less impressive than that of the Broadsword. The graceful flowing movements of this set are inspired by the symbol of the East, the Dragon. Straight Sword is practiced by millions of Chinese everyday, making it a strong candidate for one of the most popular weapons in the world.

Chinese Swords

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