Rescue Knives

Rescue Knives

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Rescue Knives are not just for rescue workers, the rescue knife gives all of us the extra break we’ll need when things go terribly wrong. Rescue knives have been developed for modern emergencies, with capabilities that go far beyond hacking and slashing and prying.

In other days a usual emergency would have been being trapped in bad weather, in which case a stout knife that built shelter, shaved tinder, and even sparked a fire to get you through. Today it’s more likely that you’ll swerve to miss a deer and wake up in the ditch or pond where nobody will find you for a long while. Whether you’re in the car trying to get out or outside trying to help, these specialized tools have been specifically designed for just that.

Rescue knives are for cutting seat belts and shoulder harnesses to get you out quickly when latches jam. If you’ve been injured and only have the use of one arm or hand, rescue knives open with a flick of the thumb and lock in working position. If the windows won’t drop and the door won’t open and the car’s filling up with water, a quick strike with the rescue knife’s window breaker stud quickly breaks the glass. Wire cutters clear tangles and saw blades remove what the knife won't cut.

Rescue Knives

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